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Next generation church (NGC) workshop

A one day exercise in understanding how to build a stronger church AND arrest the West’s slide into  cultural suicide and paganism.

  • Seeing the field – understanding our times – a situation analysis with links made to the challenges facing the early Church in pagan Roman times. Fallen-ness exposed: behavioural and historic forces at work.

  • Defining the major terms Christians must understand.

  • Why the Church must leave the wilderness and face the three giants across the Jordan (The Problem). Embracing the great command and the great commission.

  • The battle of world views – examining the deep divide between the Christian and liberal-corporatist world view.

  • End game: the major goals for Christian social action and social service - building the Church.

  • Aligning the Church with Christianity's core principles.

  • Means of attack: – the 12 reform platform (how when where and why).

  • The biblical and historic basis for action – aligned with God in hating what he says he hates.

  • The western Church: weaknesses and strengths.

  • The tactical ‘doctrines’ the NGC must adopt.

  • How to transition to the Next Generation Church.

Format: Short presentations, Q/A discussion, exercises

Length: 5 hours, excluding breaks

Resources: Leaders notes, presentation power point slides and participants workbook.

Facilitators: Book Chris Salt to deliver or use a local person with the knowledge and skills. This person would need to read Against the Night and NGC.