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The Church's Role

(Next Generation Church)

the western Church must rise to meet the three challenges within The Problem. it must understand the times and use the 12 reforms as its enabler to fulfil God’s command to pursue both the great command and the great commission. it has to come out of its self imposed wilderness or the west and the world is going to slip into a dark age. 


The church must restore its relevance in the western world; leveraging off that relevance to restore and grow itself again.  it has had its 40 years in the wilderness.

the main features of this 'next generation (NGC) church' are:

  • Focuses on the Christian world view (click here) with a particular emphasis on its 5 core principles.
  • Sides with God in opposing the things he hates.
  • Re-engages with, transforms and heals western societies by setting a counter-cultural example using the 12 Reforms.
  • Is ‘prophetic’: Active as the conscience of western nations by calling their attention to 'The Problem' and back to God’s commands and principles. 
  • Destroys the power and influence of the first two challenges within The Problem -  liberalism and global corporatism (see critical issues - definitions). 
  • Uses the 12 reforms as the public square platform for achieving these aims and by doing so re-builds the Church by vastly increasing and widening opportunities for evangelism and discipleship - as it re-captures public attention.
  • Maintains the separation of church and state by refusing to become involved in party politics.
Unless the church is herself rich in the things of God and strong with divine energy, she will generously cease to be aggressive, and will content herself with going on with the regular routine of Christian work, crying ‘Peace, peace,’ where peace cannot exist. She will not dare to defy the world… when her own condition is pitiably weak.
— C. H. Spurgeon in Spurgeon on Revival.

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