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Fascist liberalism and a feudal-style corporatism are destroying western civilisation.

Three critical challenges (‘The Problem’) have to be confronted. 
Twelve (12) major reforms are needed if the West is to survive.  A western Church employing the 'next generation church' strategy can leverage off The Problem and the 12 Reforms to rebuild: making itself much stronger, while providing the ideas people need to fight for western civilisational survival.    


The three CHALLENGE Problem

Three fatal challenges threatening the Western worlds survival. Collectively they are THE PROBLEM. Unless they are confronted the West will degenerate into disorder and oppression. 

The 12 reform Solution

If the West is to face and defeat the existential threat facing it (THE PROBLEM) 12 transformational reforms are necessary. If the West collapses the world will go to a much darker place.

The western church's Role

Because the West was built on Judeo-Christian principles and values it is the right institution to lead the 12 Reform fightback angst THE PROBLEM - IF it can overcome its own internal weaknesses.

Solution: 12 reforms practical leadership seminar.

We have course materials available to order, or Michael is available to come run a ’12 reforms’ seminar with your group

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