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Fascist liberalism and a feudal-style corporatism are destroying western civilisation. The western Church is the institution best equipped to stem the tide.

Three critical challenges (‘The Problem’) have to be confronted. 
Twelve (12) major reforms, based on five core Christian world view principles are needed if the West is to survive.  A western Church employing the 'Next Generation Church' (NGC) strategy can leverage off The Problem and the 12 Reforms to grow dramatically through evangelism, while also sparking interest in doing what must be done to restore the West. The NGC strategy is a four-stage process:

Stage one: Confront The Problem in the public square by engaging communities with the 12 Reforms and their biblical antecedents – the five core Christian world view principles.  Do this to rouse interest in Christianity. Done correctly over time the pool of those interested in Christianity will increase dramatically.

 Stage two: Take full advantage of this increased interest in Christianity to transition conversations on today’s public issues to the 12 Reforms, proving Christianity has answers to the West’s major issues.

 Stage three: Transition to the Judeo-Christian principles (the five core CWV principles) behind the 12 Reforms.  Make it clear these principles are the West’s founding values, the main themes running through the Bible and the basis for the 12 Reforms. You have now shifted into the spiritual realm.

 Stage four: Transition to the gospel by explaining Christianity can change lives just as effectively as it can transform society. If it can frame transformative responses to the West’s major problems it can also provide answers to the crucial questions in people’s lives.  


The three CHALLENGE Problem

Three fatal challenges threatening the Western worlds survival. Collectively they are THE PROBLEM. Unless they are confronted the West will degenerate into disorder and oppression. 

The 12 reform Solution

If the West is to face and defeat the existential threat facing it (THE PROBLEM) 12 transformational reforms are necessary. If the West collapses the world will go to a much darker place.

The western church's Role

Because the West was built on Judeo-Christian principles and values it is the right institution to lead the 12 Reform fightback against THE PROBLEM - IF it can overcome its own internal weaknesses.

Solution: 12 reforms practical leadership seminar.

We have course materials available to order, or Michael is available to come run a ’12 reforms’ seminar with your group

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