The NGC Strategy prepares Christians to take on hardened atheists

In 1983 about 10% of the U.K.’s population were ‘confident atheists’.  That figure has now risen to 25%, according to statistics presented on the BBC’s Radio Four (14/7/19). A similar increase can be assumed to have occurred in most western countries. These are people who are not just agnostic, or doubt the existent of God.  They are people who are convinced God does not exist.

If there was ever a litmus test for the western Church’s ineffectiveness this is it.  Forty years wandering in a pietistic wilderness has left western societies with a world view vacuum now being filled by ‘hard atheists’, agnostics and those who do little more than sate their need for meaning with transitory consumerism. The NGC evangelism strategy takes the axe to it all. It resets the Church as the moral conscience and ideas leader in western communities.  Metaphorically speaking, churches adopting the NGC Strategy come out of the wilderness, re-cross the Jordan and confront the two giants of fascist liberalism and global feudal corporatism.  The strategy employs a four stage process to re-awaken communities to the vital relevance of Christianity while providing much easier, more natural transitions in any conversation from general discussion to the gospel.

If it is properly prosecuted the NGC Strategy would have Christians regularly coming into direct contact with these so-called confident atheists.  You can be sure that they would be quick to seek out Christians promoting the 12 Reforms and challenge them to defend their belief in God.  The last thing they want is to see is a resurgent Church back in the public square of ideas and discourse. 

The fact that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of hardened atheists confirms they have been shielded from the wealth of evidence from science, biblical scholarship and archaeology, emerging in recent decades, confirming the existence of God and proving Paul’s dictum in Romans 1 that God’s existence is obvious in the world around us.  Well prepared NGC Christians can use the evidence now available from molecular biology, bible apologetics, creation apologetics and cosmology to crush the hard atheist’s confidence.