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The Problem

Three core challenges threatening western civilization combine to form ‘The Problem’.


The Three Challenges


Western FASCIST liberalism (‘the left’)

Since the 1960s the West has become increasingly disconnected from its cultural roots and founding principles, after relentless attacks from a fascist and Marxist inspired liberal elite intent on building a state controlled utopia, cut loose from what makes western civilisation possible.


FEUDAL corporatism (GLOBAL neo-liberalism)

Corporate and banking interests, have corrupted true capitalism and dovetailed with the West’s liberal political class to create gross inequalities consistent with a re-born privileged feudal aristocracy intent on condemning the rest of us to be worker-consumer serfs on their centralised state and corporate estates.


A weak Western Church (IN THE WILDERNESS)

The Western Church has, over the last 100 years, progressively retreated from its historic role as the definer and protector of the four key western institutions: the individual, the family, government and the moral order, to become weak and compromised. This has created a vacuum filled by the liberal fascists and corporate aristocrats.