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About Michael Saxon

LAST POST is the ‘mother ship’ for Michael's blueprint for arresting the West’s slide into collapse. His 12 reforms are the vehicle for restoring western culture.

Over the last 10 years Michael has formulated his thinking after 40 years spent watching liberalism and corporatism rise to dominance in the Western world, writing three books on the threat posed by both to western civilisation: Issachar’s Call,  Against Our Night and NGC: Next Generation Church.


Michael is a New Zealander (now living in the U.K. He had a 22 year career in the New Zealand Police with 11 years spent on the front line as a uniformed officer, detective and NCO during the meteoric increase in crime across the western world that followed the disastrous implementation of liberal socialist policies.  He was later commissioned an officer with national responsibilities in training, leadership development and strategic planning. It was during this time that Michael proved his natural talent for forward thinking and policy entrepreneurship by advocating wide ranging improvements to policing practice. 

He also played an active role in a political party and spent 10 years in N.Z.’s territorial army volunteers. Michael took early retirement in 2003 so he and his wife Lyn could work for a charitable trust in the UK for two years. He helped lead the organisation through a period of transformation before returning to New Zealand to establish a successful tourism venture. Lyn and Michael moved back to live in the U.K. in 2017.

Michael was raised a Christian and therefore has an added interest in what he sees as the essential role the Church must play if the West is to survive what he refers to as ‘The Problem’: a three faceted challenge posed by liberalism, its partnership with global corporatism and the weak state of the western Church; evident in its failure to adequately respond to the liberal-corporatist assault on human freedoms, community life, happiness, healthy economies and the Church itself.

Michael holds an undergraduate degree in human geography and a post graduate masters, earned with distinction, in public management, policy analysis and leadership.

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