Strategic Goals – through the 12 Reforms

  • Christian heritage: The western church becomes counter-cultural and transformative by reasserting the principles and values of God’s kingdom culture.
  • World view transformation: The Christian world view’s core principles are highly valued as essential social policy standards.
  • Evangelism: Achieving a social climate where respect for the Christian faith and a willingness to hear the gospel expands and the Church grows significantly.
  • Social responsibility: Western Civilisation’s slide into paganism is arrested.
  • Human nobility: Everyone has the same opportunities to access justice and achieve their full potential as people made in the image of God.
  • Social capital: Social cohesion, safety and cooperation, operating free of artificial or remotely imposed constraints becomes the norm.
  • Freedom from hegemony: All ideological threats to democracy and human rights no longer threaten the West or the rest of the world. 

Tactical ‘doctrines’ (methods)

  • ‘Dwell’ in the Lord: Psalm3, 23 and 91.
  • Declare war: You are in a war with a known enemy. Psalm 2, Judges 3:1-5. 
  • Don’t fight the last war: Use the right approaches for the times in which we live.
  • Position yourself for knowledge and advantage: Hold the high moral ground.
  • Create a sense of urgency:  Accept its time to act, not argue.
  • Better to attack with what you have:  There is no time like the present.
  • Avoid groupthink: Provide situational and servant leadership.
  • Always go forward: Retreat is only a maneuver to advance again.
  • Turn the tables: Initiate the attack and move fast.
  • Be Determine to go the distance, however long.single minded:
  • Lose battles but win the war:  Don’t let setbacks get to you.
  • Hit them where it hurts: Exploit vulnerabilities to cause the most damage.
  • Transform the war into a crusade:  Imbue everyone with a desire to fight.
  • Segment your forces: Allow autonomous, independent action.
  • Invest in your people:  Make sure they are well prepared and equipped.
  • Create creative space:  Help people determine how best to get the job done. 
  • Define goals and expectations: Make no excuses for low energy and poor execution.

Holy Bible (NIV). Alan Axelrod (1999): Patton on Leadership. Robert Greene (2005): 
The 33 Strategies of War.


Essential Reading

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