The western world is sliding back into a Greco-Roman paganism

Western societies are inexorably sinking back into the paganism it fought, under Christian example to escape.  The pagan worlds defining characteristics were:

  • A slave culture: The western world is re-enslaving itself to work and state dependence

  • Caesar worship and a dominant ruling class: The West venerates the state and mindlessly accepts the politically correct doctrines of its ruling liberal elite and its corporate aristocracy.

  • Sexual promiscuity and homosexuality were endemic: Ditto the West, after the 1960 ‘sexual revolution.

  • Family structures defined by state and social values, not human and social capital: Ditto the West from the 1960s.

  • Christianity an illicit and persecuted religion: The Western Church is maligned, disrespected and persecuted with political correctness and negative affirmative action.

  • A low regard for the health and education: Practices that promote disease and poor quality education are now commonplace. Certain diseases are becoming endemic and a high quality education is out of reach of most.

  • Distracting entertainments for the masses: Celebrities sport and mass entertainments are now used to pacify the population by discouraging serious reflection on life and critical thought.

  • Polygamy, child sex, incest and bestiality commonplace: All of these are nascent in western society with calls to lower the age of sexual consent, the sexualisation of young children, calls for animals to be given the rights enjoyed by humans and an active man-boy love movement (NAMBLA).

  • Greco-Roman paganism weakened itself with over-feminized values, destructive and costly wars and a weakened ability to resist the rise of foreign peoples. All of this is contained in the current western struggle with Islam. It will lose this battle, just as the Romans lost their fight against the ‘Barbarians’ – for the same reasons.

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