The western Church: weak and compromised

Most western churches are wandering in a wilderness of their own making.  They are refusing to face, or understand the times in which we live.  As a result there is no institutional and powerful opposition to The Problem. This sort of criticism is even seen as an attack on the Church rather than are legitimate attempt to help the Church recover its strength and sense of purpose.  By failing to oppose liberalism and  corporatism the Church has passively compromised its ability to prosecute the very principles Christian’s are supposed to uphold most – love your neighbor, obey God’s commands and pursue the great commission.


The major issues facing a weak western Church

  • Denial of the real holiness and fear of God.

  • A concentration on me-focused Christianity.

  • A refusal to engage in both social service and social action.

  • Parochial leadership – the pastor as CEO model.

  • A refusal or failure to recognize or live according to the Christian world view.

  • Tacit or active acceptance of in in the Church.

  • An inability to be countercultural and transformative.

  • Theatre church – Sunday services as large staged events.

  • A cringing acceptance of a Church at the margins of cultural relevance.

  • A lost understanding of the western church’s role in the development of western civilisation.

  • The active and unopposed proselysation of Church youth by atheistic liberals.

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