Sir Arthur Toynbee’s ‘schism of the soul’: the underlying reasons for cultural suicide, based on a study of 26 failed civilisations. 





Society stops believing in morality and yields to impulses,  leading to ‘guilt’ - a self loathing that comes from moral abandon



People avoid facing social and civilizational risks (e.g. the West’s underclass problem, or the reach of centralised government) because their experience tells them things have already gone too far.  They neglect the responsibilities of citizenship. 



People yield control over their lives to whatever happens (Karma) “Whatever will be will be” 



Passivity. The indiscriminate, unthinking and uncritical acceptance of just about anything.  Surrendering to what is, no matter what ‘it’ is.  No sense of social unity and purpose. The arts, social decorum and the language are all profaned.

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