• Unrestrained socialist government – inevitable fascist totalitarianism 
  • Unchecked wealth inequalities – Social injustice and the risk of civil war. 
  • The collapse of marriage and the nuclear family – widespread and costly social dysfunction.
  • A ‘demographic winter’ - population decline and the collapse of a cohesive culture.
  • Public and private debt – Economic and social collapse
  • Global corporatist ‘neo-liberalism’  - The re-emergence of a feudal aristocracy, and injustice
  • Diversity / multiculturalism – Social tensions and cultural collapse
  • Crime and substance abuse – Loss of ‘social capital’ (trust, cooperation and personal security).
  • Liberal political correctness – fascism/Marxism
  • Liberal moral relativism – social dysfunction and lost social capital leading to cultural decline.
  • Popular apathy and ignorance. – makes all of the above possible and more likely. 

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