Liberal values have brought nothing but death, degradation, and oppression.  In many ways, its effects are similar to Islam – fear, violence and economic stagnation, especially when aligned to neo-liberal corporatism.

  • The killing of millions of unborn children, robbing them of their right to life and creating huge downstream economic problems associated with labour markets, skill shortages, immigration and a ‘demographic winter’ that is progressively decimating western population numbers.
  • Upward trends in mental health conditions, particularly depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorders.
  • High levels of family related crime including murder and physical/sexual abuse with state sponsored underclass communities.
  • High instances of rape, violent crime and murder generally.
  • The creation of mores and systems that make life as a child unsafe both emotionally and physically.
  • A massive increase in divorce with identified links to poverty, poor health, crime, suicide & educational failure.
  • Drug and alcohol related death, crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • The emergence of HIV/AIDS and the consequential reduction in the life expectancy of ‘gays’.
  • A soaring increase in sexually transmitted diseases (110 million people in the U.S. alone).
  • High rates of suicide and self-harm, particularly amongst youth. 
  • Multiple murders performed by serial ‘Columbine-style’ killers.

An epidemic of schoolyard violence, bullying, and disrespect for teachers, parents and police.
The moral degradation of the pornography industry & the use of graphic violence as entertainment. 
Increases in endemic killer diseases that have their origins in materialistic lifestyles & government policy failures.
Serious multicultural weaknesses in responding to Islam, leaving the West exposed to cultural collapse and terrorism.

Islamic parallels:

Islam insists everyone must be submitted to its dogmas in the same way that liberals use its PC dogmas to suppress opposition. Christians are persecuted.  To turn from being a liberal is akin to Islamic apostasy. Like Islam children and minorities are maltreated even as it is claimed they are protected.

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