There are two essential bookends to the 12 reforms. They underscore the importance of individual freedom and human potential. 

For the principles of advanced democracy to work government must be pushed out of everyday community transactions (de-regulation) and every citizen must have immediate and reliable access to a justice system (people’s courts) that allows them to resolve problems and get on with their lives, without fear, roadblocks or stress.

People’s courts

  • Found in every local community (1 court per 4,000 people)
  • Free, immediate and certain justice
  • Covers all types of interpersonal disputes
  • Uses tribunal-style adjudication, mediation and arbitration.
  • Jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters.
  • ‘Old court’ system available for serious matters and appeals
  • Breaks up the monopoly of the existing legal fraternity.
  • Power to issue orders governing anti-social behavior
  • A new ‘outlaw declaration’ would be available to these courts.
  • Custodial sentencing power.
  • All decisions enforceable by the police and other agencies


Most government regulation replaced with a two pronged approach:

  • A my choice-my risk-my cost policy (see reading).
  • Recourse to the people’s courts where local government, organisations or individuals believe someone, or some entity, is embarked on a course of action harmful to community interests or safety.  This includes building construction, workplace safety and environmental risks. 

Essential Reading

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