Key Components

  • The well tested Swiss system of binding citizens initiated referenda (BCIR).  Most of the liberal reforms introduced from the 1960s would not have been possible if the people in the West had had BCIR.
  • Liberals hate direct democracy BCIR because they know ordinary people would oppose them if given the means to do so.
  • No fault divorce, homosexual law reform, socialist welfare government and the whole regulatory edifice erected using undemocratic processes and judicial activism would not have been possible if BCIR had been in place.
  • The liberal ruling political class hate submit their actions to referenda.  When they do they usually lose and then go on to ignore the result (e.g. the Portuguese, French and Dutch referend that came out against the EU.

Major effects and benefits

  • Full democracy is finally introduced
  • The liberal ruling class will be subject to the people’s will
  • The whole liberal-corporate construct (including over regulation) will be opened up to referenda.
  • Core western principles – free will, individual responsibility, a concern for others, self-reliance, property rights, the rule of one system of law for all and moral rectitude will all be open to the restorative force of the people’s common sense and collective conscience.