Key Components

  • Elected representatives may only seek re-election for a third and subsequent two-term periods after one term outside the political process.
  • Political parties are banned.  Each representative stands for election in their own right
  • Party whipping conventions will be ended.
  • Campaign budgets will be fixed and must be drawn from a public central account and re-imbursed after the election.
  • The governing executive must be elected from the pool of all representatives in a parliamentary system.
  • Representatives will be subject to ‘recall’ provisions for poor performance.
  • Any special powers enacted by government must be subjected to a people’s referendum.
  • Proven collusion between politicians and media will be subject to heavy penalties.
  • Financial or other disbursements available to representatives will end when they leave office.

Major effects and benefits

  • Party political partisanship and the operation of an entrenched political class is limited.
  • Politics becomes a community service mot a chosen career
  • Money does not help dictate who is elected.
  • The people have direct power over their representatives.
  • Using party politics to amass personal wealth is ended.
  • Each representative must stand in their own right
  • Political factions can only develop for short periods around specific issues.