Key Components

  • Ending the vast wealth and privilege inequalities caused by global neo-liberal corporatism.
  • Permitting equality of opportunity and inequality of outcomes
  • A cap on maximum capital and liquid assets held by any individual, set at a level that does not discouragement entrepreneurship and business enterprise.
  • The cap to be set by people’s referendum.
  • A defined period for those with wealth above the cap to philanthropically divest themselves of excess wealth.
  • To be combined with major reforms to banking, the money markets and work place relationships.
  • An end to the modern corporate version of the old feudal barons.
  • Facilitation of reforms designed to stimulate local self-reliant communities – 6th reform.

Major effects and benefits

  • The elimination of horded wealth in the hands of a small minority.
  • An end to the super wealthy’s ability to exercise power over governments and financial markets.
  • More economic stability as the super wealthy can no longer trigger financial crisis.
  • Powerful incentives to think socially and economically in more holistic terms.
  • Ensures any nations wealth is equitably distributed.
  • An end to excessive profit taking and strong incentives to distribute profits more equitably with workers.