Key Components

  • Recognising the vital and co-equal role played by workers in generating products, services and wealth.
  • Give workers more say in the everyday routines of a business with more than 100 employees.
  • Using the proven model for workplace democracy pioneered by Enrico Semler.  
  • Maintainng free market, free enterprise capitalism without allowing unfettered control by a small business elite.
  • Executive salaries will be pegged to no more than x10 average employee pay.
  • Workers will have representation on boards of directors
  • A component of worker salary will involve profit sharing and worker participation in shop-floor decision-making and managerial appointments.  
  • Local people’s courts will adjudicate in worker - employer disputes concerning contractual and conditions of work issues.

Major effects and benefits

  • Ends the power of large corporations to run businesses solely for the benefit of stockholders and executives.
  • Brings more transparency and accountability to business decisions
  • Orientates businesses towards both social responsibility and profit.
  • Incentivises a shift to smaller, local businesses over large global corporations.