Key components

  • Focuses on equality of individual opportunity, not the liberal aim of socialist equality of outcomes.
  • Creating self-actualising responsible, self-reliant, resourceful and motivated individuals, capable of recognising their abilities, grasping opportunities and masterminding progress. 
  • Re-emphasizes individual nobility found in integrity and purpose.
  • Abandoning the liberal socialist notion that social policy must be about equality of generalised social outcomes.
  • Recognising the 17 major human characteristics that work together to maximize individual human potential.
  • Re-constituting strong families to make achieving individual potential possible.
  • Making renewed economic and social progress possible.
  • Redesigning education to make realizing the 17 opportunity characteristics possible.
  • Re-focusing on local communities

Major effects and benefits

  • Eliminates the enslavement of people to dependence on the state.
  • Creates likelihood of much greater happiness and contentment in life, based on achievement rather than mere existence.
  • Achieves equality of opportunity for all.
  • Dismantles socialist dogmas.
  • Makes individual self-reliance much more likely.