Key components

  • The end to personal income tax.
  • A simple, single consumption tax on goods and services, coupled with the downsizing of government, retiring debt and redistributing unnecessary ‘super’ wealth.
  • A massive downsizing of government tax and social welfare bureaucracies.
  • Highly target-able for core national and local government services.
  • A reduction in prices caused by business tax compliance laws.
  • Redesigning education to make realizing the 17 opportunity characteristics possible.
  • Re-focusing on local communities

Major effects and benefits

  • Taxing personal labour, time, entrepreneurship and innovation is ended.
  • Easy targeting of lower commodity and   service costs for the poor.
  • Eliminates complex tax codes and tax loopholes for large corporates.
  • Raises incentives to work and take business risk.
  • Paves the way to the re-introduction of ‘fraternal societies’ (See readings below).

Essential Reading