Key components

  • The democratisation of justice by helping to actualize the 7 principles of real democracy.
  • Free, immediate and accessible local justice.
  • Covers civil/contractual disputes and criminal offending.
  • People’s courts can impose custodial sentences.
  • The ‘old court’ system remains for serious matters and some appeals.
  • The circumstantial use of tribunals, mediation and arbitration  
  • People’s courts may make enforceable ‘orders’ or declarations for required action.
  • The courts responsible for ‘outlaw declarations’; comprehensive controls on civil liberties for people habitually living anti-social and criminal lives. 


Major effects and benefits

  • Provides a practical and costless way to keep the mechanics of free complex societies operating smoothly.
  • Reduces the likelihood of victimizing victims.
  • Overcomes the slow, technically mired and costly nature of the existing justice system.
  • Ends the monopoly control of the existing legal fraternity.