Preserving western culture

Under this reform the principles of full democracy on a ‘one nation for all’ basis shall not be suborned to indigenous or foreign demands for special treatment or special cultural rights.  Diversity will not result in the bulkanisation of society as Putnam's research indicates it is doing. Immigrant groups may continue those cultural practises that do not conflict with western culture, laws and values.   Separate courts, genital mutilation, honour killings, enforced marriages, links to external terrorist organisations and the ‘grooming’ of European children by immigrant rape gangs will be met with initial imprisonment, followed by outlaw declarations and deportations. All immigrants will be instructed in the history, values, language, laws and assimilation expectations of their adopted nation (e.g. the right to marry inter-racially and convert to another religion).  The core world view principles; the nature of individual liberties and responsibilities, property rights, the rule of law, the equal rights of women, democracy (of the ‘real’ kind), systems of education, the arts and the nation’s historic record must all be properly understood and accepted in practise. The aim must be the full assimilation of immigrant cultures into one nation under the West’s formative values.

The effects of a democratic winter and the consequential rise of theocratic Islam must be addressed.  Referenda sanctioned policies that restore European population replacement rates will be adopted if the argument for this is won.  The people will have to agree to adopt both incentives and disincentives to encourage the formation of lasting marriages and larger families, while the number of abortions will have to be dramatically reduced. This will require returning to traditional values requiring measures that provide significant inducements to form lasting marriages and have at least two children.  Affirmative action using tax, pay and employment advantages, over single adults with no children, or only one child, will need to heavily favour married spouses with at least two children.  The sweep of economic and governmental-regulatory reforms will make it easier and more attractive for couples to have children.

There must be serious contractual and deterrent level repercussions for immigrants who refuse to properly learn the language and assimilate within a given period, especially if their actions are designed to limit the full assimilation of their children. Immigrants must be prevented from forming cultural ghettos or campaigning to have the host culture conform to their ways, especially where the adoption of western values would not be permitted in their countries of origin. All immigrants from non-western countries must be taught western values and required to demonstrate sustained and willing compliance to them.  The failure and unwillingness of the western political class to address this issue much earlier will mean a very painful transition process that will almost certainly cause considerable, but very necessary, unrest.

Migrants who fail to integrate and become sustainably self-supporting within three years will be repatriated and migration will be limited only to those with genuine refugee status, confirmed by thorough vetting, or those with specific skills needed by the nation.   

A specific anti-terrorist strategy will be implemented to mitigate the jihadist threat and its Islamic justifications. Some serious measures will have to be taken to avoid the risk of civil unrest, or civil war. A tailored outlaw declaration for Islamic activists would be required in the first instance followed by the much more pervasive steps (c.f. Paul Nielsen’s recommendations in the last part of his 2017 book, How to Debate the Left on Islam.

National oaths of allegiance will be worded to explicitly include all the major western values that support the culture.  Failure to act or live according to the oath will carry criminal sanctions and appropriately tailored outlaw declarations for immigrants who break any element within the oath they have sworn.  They will, in effect be put under a western legal form of the ‘dhimitude’ that Islam imposes on those who do not convert to Islam. 

Financial scrutiny and sanctions will be imposed to ensure any potential terrorist organisation cannot be financed from any source internal or external.

Specialist Islamic schools in or outside mosques for the purpose of conveying Koranic teaching will be banned and mosques will not be allowed to build minarets, conduct public calls to prayer display Islamic symbols on the exterior of any building, or convene sharia courts; mirroring the sanctions imposed on other religions in third world Muslim countries

The rights of citizenship (including the right to vote and the issue of passports) must only be granted to immigrants when their actions and lives prove they have accepted the nation’s cultural values, institutions and practices. They must also prove they can consistently support themselves. A realistic time limit must be set for this process to take place with repatriation, or the imposition of suitable restrictions imposed on those who refuse to fully adopt the values of the nation they are in.

 There must be a moratorium on further immigration from Islamic nations until the current population of immigrants in the West have been thoroughly integrated. The people will then be asked through a referendum to agree to further immigration.

 Western scholarship will be asked to apply the same rigorous critique to Islam that it applied to Christianity, with the results made widely available to moderate Muslims and the public generally.

 Media and academic hiring policies must evenly reflect the range of mainstream ideological and philosophic positions, consistent with western civilisation’s historic culture and development.  An affirmative action policy that ensures the ‘left’ and ‘right’ are represented on a 50/50 basis will be adopted.

 Government or judicial decisions made after 1960, affecting or redefining traditional values and principles, will be open to re-evaluation, using the system of binding referenda. Traditional values cannot be unilaterally imposed, but they can be re-introduced if the people will it to be so via referenda.

The education curriculum will be restructured to revolve around natural law and western values, history, achievements and mistakes as the central ‘guiding story’.

Where individuals, the government or communities had, under adverse conditions or duress, to dispose of major assets (land, buildings or businesses) they will retain a 50-year ‘right of redemption’ period. This right may include a measure of direct control, the nationalisation of the asset, its repatriation to its original owner (where that owner was its creator), or the right to purchase the asset at a fair market price.  Disputes in such cases may be adjudicated before people’s tribunals or by using the referenda process.

The family, as a stable and respected institution will be restored, in large measure, by repealing no fault divorce laws; replacing them with covenant marriage legislation, specifying limited conditions under which a divorce may proceed. The assets of a broken marriage should be split by mutual agreement, or by mediation and arbitration within the people’s court system. Where any decisions ‘hang in the balance’ the decision should be weighted in favour of the party who wants to maintain the marriage, unless physical or mental abuse is proven.  Incentives, written into employment law, would have to be given to those over 21 years of age with at least two children. Pay rates, conditions of employment and selection/promotion processes would have to favour parents significantly if family formation is to be encouraged and the demographic ‘deathbed’ confronted.