Political activist ahead of the Church

25th May 2018: Activist Tommy Robinson arrested outside UK court.  If you read this headline in a newspaper and it meant nothing to you then you are unaware that freedom is on the block in the western world.  Robinson’s life has been systematically wrecked by the police and judicial system with years of harassment, imprisonment, solitary confinement, illegal raids on his family’s homes and the seizure of most of his assets.  If you know nothing about Tommy Robinson’s crusade against Islamic child sex ‘grooming gangs’ in the UK go to You Tube and watch the videos in which he describes all that he has endured at the hands of the authorities for standing against the Islamisation of the UK.

Tommy’s story tells us no one is protected from the power of the state if they dare to exercise their right of free speech, movement and association in opposing the liberal elite’s fascist agenda. You have to accept what they say you must believe or you are by definition a threat to public order.  The 20,000 –30,000 who protested in London against his latest arrest attests to the fact that some are waking up to the statist enemy within. The march was not covered by the main stream liberal media.  If you make any sort of stand opposed to liberalism’s gender politics, sexual orientation, or enforced diversity agenda expect the full weight of corrupted police and hate proclaiming media to beat you down.  Obvious allusions to the Nazi or Soviet eras are not misplaced.

Churches, individual Christians and non-Christians alike can play a constructive role in defeating this assault on our freedoms by advocating the 12 Reforms introduced on my www.lastpost.net site.  The first 8 are designed to dismantle the far left liberalism now strangling western civilisation. If you lose the right to free speech you have lost everything.  A civilisation without it will become increasingly oppressive.  Tyranny eventually stifles initiative, progress, happiness and relationships.  Ask anyone who endured Mao’s China, or Stalin Soviet Union.

Christians are commanded to love God by hating evil (Prov 8:13; 1Cor 13:6). Just about everything associated with the left’s social justice agenda promotes the things God calls evil.  The Judeo-Christian tradition also provided the West with its founding values.  The 5 core Christian world view principles I cover in my book on the ‘Next Generation Church’ are the West’s building blocks.  It’s only taken about 40 years to have them tottering on the edge of the abyss.

An incredible brave and resolute Tommy Robinson exposes the Church to the accusation that it is looking the other way, like the police and social welfare authorities, while many thousands of young girls are being ‘groomed’ (plied and lured with drugs and alcohol) for gang rape.  In Rotherham at least 1400 girls had been systematically and repeatedly subjected to rape over 10 years while the left-leaning authorities wedded to diversity and afraid of the lefts islamaphobic slur flagrantly ignored it all.  More gangs are being exposed across Europe. Tommy was illegally arrested as he peacefully ‘vlogged’ outside a Leeds court where a grooming gang were being sentenced to long prison terms.  If the mass rape of girls is not something God hates as evil then it would be hard to find what is.   Isaiah 59 condemns those who practice evil and those who will not bring the evil-doers to justice (Verse 9: “so justice is far from us”…). 

The 12 Reforms are the most effective means to reassert what is right and just in any society because the biblical world view principles behind them side step the PC brown shirts and attack the roots of the far left’s dogmas.  It is a mind-blowing paradox that the left’s religious adherence to its creed is dovetailing with an Asian minority’s addiction to sexual evil.  Tommy Robinson deserves the open support of the Western Church.  If the Church will not make a public stand against evil how can it ever expect to garner respect and save much more than a handful of souls.  

Michael Saxon 20/06/18, lastaspost.gmail.com; www.lastpost.net