Can They? Questions Church Leaders Need to Answer About Christians

The Church will conquer worldly compromise when it can confidently answer yes to each question

International youth evangelist Winkey Pratney correctly interpreted the ‘signs of the times’ when he recently stated; “New Zealand has gone to hell in a handcart… and the Church must come to grips with it” (Challenge Weekly, June 12, 2006, Issue 22).

Truth Watch agrees with Winkey when he stated: “The Government hasn’t got a clue what the Church is and the Church hasn’t got a clue what the world is”.  He asks; how can we live in this world without being worldly?  Well Church, how can we?

Before the Church can hope to ‘come to grips’ with its role in society its leaders and laity need to face some hard questions:

A.  CHURCH LEADERS – under your leadership is the congregation equipped for the Gospel of the Kingdom? Can they…

  • Correctly state the essential doctrinal elements within the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Defend the faith against those claiming the Bible is not true?
  • Refute arguments commonly raised by the unsaved against a knowledge of God?
  • Freely and without adverse repercussions dissent on teachings or positions you adopt?
  • Teach others the essentials of the Christian faith?
  • Point the unsaved to Biblical pronouncements about end time events happening today?
  • Present the Gospel effectively to the unsaved in workplace, social or impromptu situations?
  • Distinguish between debatable matters of doctrine or Biblical understanding and those Biblical truths which must remain non-negotiable – and do so graciously (Romans 14)?
  • Defend and prove the truth of the Christian faith before atheists or people of other faiths?
  • Explain why Catholic Church doctrine misrepresents the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Prove to others, that the God of the Bible and the gods of other faiths cannot be the same?
  • Understand and apply the Bible’s main themes, commands and principles to life and society?
  • Describe the essential aspects of a Christian world view?

B.  ADDRESSING CHURCH LEADERS A SECOND TIME. Can you confidently affirm that you and those within the church are living holy lives?  Can you and they…

  • Confidently affirm unrepentant sin is confronted promptly and Biblically?
  • Accurately attest to those essential truths related to salvation, being born again and the Great Command?
  • Demonstrate a real and practical concern for the poor and needy?
  • Easily distinguish good from evil, sin from righteousness, right from wrong?
  • Prove you are free from unrealised expectations associated with false prosperity and kingdom now teachings?
  • Reflectively and confidently confirm active progress in living sanctified, holy lives?
  • Affirm alertness to the likelihood of false teachers and false prophets in these last days?

C. ADDRESSING THE LAITY. Can you readily and wholeheartedly affirm that your leaders are leading Biblically?  Have you ever sought to explore what this really means?  Can or do they…

  • Clearly demonstrate their accountability to other elders?
  • Operate through a plurality of leaders and not through a single figurehead (1 Peter 5:1)?
  • Collectively exhibit the skills and calling implied in the ‘five-fold’ ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  • Prove that they do not exercise unbridled control over everything that happens in the church?
  • Regularly demonstrate servant leadership?
  • Allow you to give freely, without pressure according to 2 Corinthians 9:6-7?
  • Can be trusted to lead as ones gifted to equip the saints for works of service?
  • See past traditional church models that are limiting your church’s impact in society?
  • Do not rely on controlling positional power-based authority?
  • Welcome critical assessment of church practises in all areas of ministry?
  • Regularly reconfirm the essentials of the faith?
  • Expose you to the lessons of Church history, linking it to events and philosophies today?
  • Openly welcome and encourage contributions from you to church life and the Sunday service?
  • Regularly warn you to beware of false teachers and prophets?
  • Lovingly correct and admonish when it is needed and encourage you to do the same?
  • Admit their mistakes?
  • Encourage you to test what they preach against God’s word?
  • Model or practise what they preach?
  • Unduly profit financially from their ministry?
  • Benefit from and deserve your affirmation, prayer, respect and support?