Barnabas Fund and lost religious freedoms

Barnabas Fund have published a booklet in support of a campaign to re-establish freedom of religion in the U.K.[1]  Despite about 800 years of legislative and constitutional evolution most of the legislature and conventions guaranteeing freedom of religion and speech are now being ignored, forgotten or undermined. A host of public bodies, including schools, departments, universities and hospitals have been given a governmental mandate to promulgate their own rules for speech and action under the so called ‘hate speech’ code.  There should be only one type of speech – free speech, but governments, under the sway of the fascist liberal creed I expose in my books, have decreed that anyone saying anything that upsets anyone from a range of privileged groups are beyond criticism, or exposure.  All this amounts to, in effect, is a crack-down on conservatives and Christians; limiting their freedoms.  It also amounts to a direct thin-end-of-the-wedge attack on free will itself.  This is the cornerstone of the West’s human rights.  Free will is also one of the 5 core Christian world view principles highlighted in my books. The attack on free will is symptomatic of the left’s determination to destroy Christianity and impose a grey collectivist regime on everyone.

Barnabas Fund is pushing for seven specific legislative guarantees of freedom of religion, but it will never work because they have no political clout and there is no political will. 

We are only in this situation because the Western Churches have remained mute and cowered in the face of all that the liberal Marxists have done over 40 years to dismantle the West’s moral code, its key institutions and its trust in the Christian faith.  The Church has failed to remain faithful to God’s injunction to defend the faith, despite the fact that there is now more evidence for the existence of God and the veracity of the Bible than there has ever been.  Christian’s have swallowed the notion that they are not here to preserve culture, only save souls; failing to see that the two are inextricably connected.  The West came about because of Christianity and Christianity only grew with the rise of western civilisation.

Even worse, the Church has failed to love our neighbour because it has sat more or less idle while liberal social engineering has and is destroying the lives of millions, from abortion to rampant substance abuse.

Barnabas fund’s efforts will be still born because the Church has marginalised itself and the left has effectively characterised any respect for it out of the culture.  It is also too late.  The horse has long since bolted.  The only way back is a broad coalition of churches around a platform for cultural regeneration that is spearheaded by the church and used vigorously to rebuild respect for the faith and strengthen the church through evangelism.  That is the Next Generation Church in a nutshell.     

Michael Saxon 

[1] Barnabas Fund (2018) Turn the Tide: Reclaiming Religious Freedom in the UK. Isaac Publishing, Virginia U.S.A.