The Feminist campaign against masculinity and Genesis 3:16

Since the 1970s the register of disadvantages endured by men has been growing remorselessly, while all that seems to be discussed is ‘woman’s rights’ and white male privilege. Not surprisingly feminists are obsessed with their delusional grievances. Celebrated psychologist Jordan Peterson observes correctly that if male privilege exists at all it is confined to a very small coterie of men. Most males uncomplainingly put up with the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs. Ninety-nine percent of the war dead over the centuries have been men. We are unjustly side-lined in matrimonial property and child custody situations and have now been virtually excluded from the nursing and teaching professions.

I’ve also observed another trend. Watch movies and television adverts and you will notice white men are either relegated to secondary roles or omitted altogether. There is a growing genre of movies that make women the key players in traditional male roles. I hadn’t realised it but women have undergone some sort of evolutionary transformation that makes them as strong and as aggressive as men. The feminist movement has poisoned the well of justice and fairness, making men the disposable gender in a relentless quest to fulfil Genesis 3:16, which they seem to para-phrased to read “your desire will be to rule over men and you will succeed”.

Let me catalogue the tragic effects of nearly fifty years of feminist bias in the West, using figures out of the U.S. I use other material on this subject in my books.  Much of what is here comes from a Tucker Carlson (Fox News) report on the state of men in the U.S.  I’m assuming he has fact checked this material and the trends covered here are also apparent in most western nations:

Boys now perform poorly compared with girls in schools and the school drop-out rate is far higher for boys. Little effort is being made to counter this problem. Attention deficit disorder is more than twice as prevalent in boys than girls suggesting serious systemic problems with family life, education and school life methodologies.

More girls than boys graduate from high school and go to university where they now decisively outnumber men in post graduate studies.

Between 1970 and 2010 men’s wages dropped by 20%.  Feminists falsely claim men are paid more but numerous empirical studies show that where men and women are employed in the same job, working the same hours the pay rates are the same. In any event equal pay legislation makes it illegal to pay differentially on the basis of gender. One study indicated young women in professional metropolitan jobs were earning up to 8% more than men.

Seven million working age men are now out of the workforce. An unprecedented number of them are on pain medication and many die from drug abuse. Seventy seven percent of suicides are committed by men.  Most prison inmates are men.  Most violent crime is committed by men. Just about all the mass shootings of recent years have been committed by white males.

Over 70% of divorces are initiated by women, or women have children to men they do not marry, choosing instead to co-opt the welfare state and taxpayer as the family provider.

90% of workplace deaths are men.

Men’s life expectancy and I.Q. are starting to decline. Over 50% of men now fail the U.S. Army’s basic physical fitness test.

Since the 1970s sperm counts have dropped by 60%. Testosterone levels, the hormone that defines masculinity has been declining by 1% per year since 1987 – down 30% in 2017.  Low testosterone levels are responsible for depression, lower cognition and weight gain in men. 70% of men are overweight or obese compared o 59% of women.

71% of the homeless are men and 76% of those dying from violent crime are men.

Fewer men are getting married and more men than women are staying in the parental home.  Conversely, young women are twice as likely to buy houses and more women than women are now getting drivers licences.   

All of this points to the deliberate victimisation and emasculation of men in the West. Significant numbers have been so divested of their life-meaning traditional roles, they have slipped into hopelessness and dissipation. Most people are at best only vaguely aware this is happening. Some women are speaking out against it but the feminists who know the truth are hypocritically continuing to beat their drum. The end game is a female dominated West, but what they will get instead is misogynist Islamic domination, war perpetuated by highly masculine societies against a West they see as weak and vulnerable, or an eventual white male backlash. Paradoxically, this is all being facilitated by the white males in our political class who are moral cowards driven along by the winds of political correctness. As I state elsewhere, an extensive study by J.D. Unwin, conducted back in the 1920s, revealed that over-feminised societies always collapse.