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Characteristics of a next generation church


Outwardly a church would look much the same as it did before transitioning into a NGC.

Services and other activities normally associated with churches continue, but the Church now has a definitive and overarching cause.  Using the 12 reforms as a platform for expanding opportunities for evangelism and discipleship the NGC is intent on mobilizing its natural champions for social action (definitions).  Loving our neighbour, remaining true to the great commission, finding social policy expression for Man made in God’s image and upholding the four core principles from within the Christian world view is central to the churches vision.

As a natural consequence the church has become a countercultural force for transformational change (definitions) that will ensure the Judeo-Christian traditions of the West are preserved, while the enemies of those traditions – liberalism and corporatism are exposed and defeated.

NGC elders teach how to understand our times.  They make sure everyone is fully equipped to evangelise, disciple and answer the objections and false ideas of non-believers.  The NGC is countercultural salt and light in its community. That community knows it is being challenged by its local church to re-think the prevailing liberal-corporate world view and recognize the existential (definitions) threat western culture is facing.

A NGC becomes the conscience of its community and forces it to question the secular world view.  As a result many will begin to think in World view terms and come to the church for answers. The NGC restores Christianity to its central place in public square discourse.