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The Next Generation Church


Major Goals

  • Concentrate Christians on the great commission and the great command as the dominant causes.
  • Use the 12 reforms as a vehicle for prophetic reengagement with western communities to vastly expand opportunities for evangelism and discipleship
  • Make the Church the conscience of western nations by adding ‘social action’ (interventions that attack the causes of social dysfunction) with helping those in need (‘social service’).
  • Avoid all party political partisanship and affiliations.
  • Be openly countercultural and culturally transformative.
  • Rescue the Church from the cultural wilderness, positioning it firmly in the mainstream of social discourse and relevance.
  • Expect and triumph over the inevitable abuse and persecution.

Transitioning to the NGC(over 2-3 year period)

  • Maintain the prayer, teaching, gathering and worship culture of the church.
  • Help Christians understand their times and recognize how the 12 reforms are a vehicle for evangelism and cultural transformation.
  • Refocus church life on the great command and the great commission, within a Christian world view.
  • Identify, encourage and support those with a NGC calling to go prophetically into the world with the 12 reforms.
  • Put a heavy emphasis on apologetic skills and social policies that enable individuals to achieve their made in God’s image potential.
  • Move to a cause focused church culture using workshops, home groups, youth programmes,  adult Sunday schools and web accessible information.
  • Emphasise the need to be counter-culturally righteousness within the church (avoid the charge of hypocrisy).

Essential reading