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Liberalism (progressivism)

Since the 1960s the West has become increasingly disconnected from its cultural roots and founding principles, after relentless attacks from a fascist and Marxist inspired liberal elite intent on building a state-centred utopia, cut loose from what makes western civilisation possible. 


What is Fascist Liberalism?

Western liberalism (also called progressivism is a toxic mix of big government socialism, feminism, multiculturalism, moral relativism (anything goes) and a masochistic western cultural loathing, all supported by the intolerant censorship (political correctness) of any views that challenge these dogmas. The champions of liberalism are to be found in universities, the movie industry, the ruling political class and the media. All of these institutions are supported directly or indirectly by the corporate elite who are only interested in people as workers and consumers, not free citizens.

Liberals and corporatists have little respect for the major tenets of western civilization: free will, freedom of speech, democracy (of the Swiss variety), profit sharing, individual self-reliance, private property rights, freedom of religion, family values, moral rectitude, equality under the rule of one system of law for all and the preservation of western culture.  They have a globalist utopian perspective that fails to respect the lessons of history or the compass of common sense.  Western civilization cannot hope to survive unless liberalism is comprehensively defeated. Its fascist character is revealed in this description of it and that means it will use any tactics to preserve its current hegemony. Character assassination, fake news and violent (e.g. Antifa in the U.S.) resistance are its go to weapons.