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2nd Challenge:

Global corporatism or ‘neo-liberalism’

Corporate and banking interests, have corrupted true capitalism and dovetailed with the West’s liberal political class to create gross inequalities consistent with a re-born privileged feudal aristocracy intent on condemning the rest of us to be worker-consumer serfs on their centralised state and corporate estates.


Feudal Corporatism (neo-liberalism)

  • Corporate monopolies at the expense of smaller, local businesses.
  • Gross trade imbalances.
  • The offshore relocation of western industries and jobs on the false claim that stockholder interests must come first.
  • The privatisation of  strategic public assets.
  • Volatile stock and other financial asset markets and floating exchange rates that benefit banks and speculators, expose western economies to unnecessary risk and concentrate wealth within a small financial elite.  
  • Allowing the export of profits from a country through tax loopholes and free capital flows.
  • The exploitation of global ‘free’ labour markets, robbing the West of more highly paid manufacturing jobs.
  • The pursuit of stockholder interests with limited referral to ethics, values, culture or social harm.
  • Close interconnections between corporate and political elites.
  • False claims about the trickle-down effect of corporatised ‘open’ commodity and financial markets.
  • The elimination of tariff protections(free trade) for the benefit of corporate money and commodity market trading – at the expense of small local businesses.
  • Fiscal policies that involve central bank debt creation and the promotion of private debt on the false premise it will promote economic growth (Keynesian economics).