Key components

  • Multicultural groups within western societies will be imbued with the importance of western civilisation’s founding values and required to respect and practice them.
  • Cultural homogeneity will be further guaranteed by limiting the numbers of immigrants from other cultures to no more than 25% of the population or held at current numbers where that ceiling has already been exceeded.
  • Appropriate incentives and law changes will eliminate the danger of a demographic (depopulation) winter within the indigenous European populations.
  • The teaching of Judeo-Christian values and principles will be re-introduced into school curricula.  
  • Universities and national media will be required to employ  equal numbers of those with a conservative world view.
  • The introduction of real democracy (BCIR) and responsible citizenship will allow western people to reassert their traditional values – as they choose to do so.

Major effects and benefits

  • Liberal political correctness and world view dogmas will no longer hold sway.
  • Rejuvenation of western cultural values will be guaranteed.

Essential Reading