The Church and the family policy void

I woke to hear a BBC 4 interview this morning (22 Oct’18) in which there was a call for a national government response to women’s refuges because male violence in relationships is endemic. These calls for ever more money to meet an on-going problem never ends and nor will it because secular policy makers will never face the underlying causes.  Government policy is driven by what I call ‘fascist liberalism’.  You will have to go to my books or this site to understand why I use this term to describe the policy dominance of the left.  It only exists because the Church created a huge void when it abandoned the public square to God’s enemies in the 60s and 70s.  There was no love for our neighbour or God’s commands in that.

 The Church has to come out of its self-imposed wilderness to confront the liberal giant roaming the West at will. It’s the only institution with the moral, spiritual and philosophical mandate to do so.

Any way you want to look at it – moral, economic or social, the deliberate deconstruction of the family as an institution lies right at the heart of the West’s decline. Redefining marriage to mean any relationship, no fault divorce, abortion, the radical feminist agenda and moral relativism have been deliberate government policy for decades.  These are the main causes behind violence and child abuse that the left refuses to address because it would mean the complete abandonment of its dogmas.  So, it forcibly extracts vast sums from tax payers to fund th human cost of its wonton stupidity, while ignoring the destruction of humanity’s most important institution. Fundamentally, it is the front line of a spiritual battle because marriage and family are God’s most important institutions for the creatures he made in his image.


There are other important considerations that need to be factored into the tragedy created by the fascist liberal giant.  We could discuss the lost social cohesion at local community level because the all-pervasive state has suborned control of social policy, disempowering individuals and communities and made dealing with family related issues so much more difficult and bureaucratic.  There is also the state of manhood in the West.  I deal with this elsewhere.  Many ‘underclass’ males harbour aggressive, short-tempered tendencies because so many family, educational, social and economic policies work against them. Couple that to the moral vacuum and feminist agenda they must labour under and there is little wonder they end up resorting to violence.  There is no excuse for it but the reasons it happens so frequently are ignored by liberal policy-makers.  So men suffer, women suffer, children suffer, tax payers suffer and the whole society staggers under the results.  Just about all the dysfunction in western societies can be sheeted back to family related policy debacles.

 The 12 Reforms at the heart of the Next Generation Church strategy provide the perfect vehicle for the Church to step back into the public square and confront this unholy mess through at least 3 of the reforms (directly) and all of them indirectly.  Do a little research. Go to the 12 reforms and identify the three that can be directed at family policy and then think through how the other nine would impact on it as well. Imagine churches that decided to go into the public square with the 12 reforms.  Christians wanting to pursue their family related implications could push that aspect.  Not only would they be speaking directly into the most important issue of our day they would be re-awakening interest in Christianity and opening up opportunities for evangelism – like CAP uses the problem of debt to help people escape their financial crisis while sensitively introducing them to the presence of God and redemption. It’s a win-win for all concerned.            

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