Next Genration Church strategy and a Black American rennaissance

According to an Aljazeera story aired in early November 2018 a small Black Power movement has sprung up in Houston, Texas. They are calling for an as yet ill-defined ‘separate development’, starting with reparations for unspecified injustices. They patrol the streets armed with military grade small arms (legal in Texas) to keep the peace in poor Black neighbourhoods. They insist they bear no animus towards anyone.

The NGC strategy’s 12 Reforms would, if the U.S Black community only knew it, provide the better future it is looking for.  That is, if looking for economic and social equality, safe communities, renewed family life and justice is what they want.  Why? Because the 12 Reforms are a comprehensive reposte for the perverse forces of our fallen natures; particularly the will to power, the fuehrerprinzip, group think, the normalcy bias and vacant expectation.  For more on these go to my books or the critical issues section on’s homepage. The Black community, the forgotten rust belt poor and the imploding middle class in the U.S. are all struggling with The Problem, described in my books as both the political and economic hegemony of the allied liberal and corporate elites and the weak state of the western Church.     

Black Power are sheeting their hurt back to the slave era, Jim Crow and on-going racism.  Dwelling on the past, or even the present will never take the Black American community anywhere.  The 12 Reforms provide the real way forward.  Black Americans and other disadvantaged community of all stripes would find themselves freed to control their governments, chart their own life paths and access all the life advantages people need to achieve their made in God’s image potential.

It’s tempting to lecture the nascent Black Power movement.  Where do they think Black Americans would be now if they had remained in Africa?  Slavery, endemic to Africa was snuffed out by ‘Whites’.  Six hundred thousand white Americans died, in part, to free slaves. The British outlawed slavery even earlier and used its navy to close down slave-trading.  Left wing policies since President Johnson’s ‘Great Society in the 1960s decimated the Black community as did the asset stripping effect of the corporate and government caused global financial crisis of 2008-9.

If the Church broke free of its wilderness malaise, by adopting the NGC strategy, it could take the 12 Reforms to the Black community, exhorting that community to do the following:

·         Demand real decision making power over its affairs through the process of direct democracy – (reforms 1 and 2).

·         Push for the re-design of the financial and banking system with all that could mean for increased wealth, savings, business and house ownership (Reforms 8-12).

·         Demand a reformation in the justice system to allow Blacks to fight injustice, crime and inequality with open access to a costless, local and immediate system of justice. Reform 7).

The real problem facing Black Americans is the feudal liberal-corporate elite’s social and economic policies.  The same policies that are proving toxic to the West generally. If the Church were to step into the knowledge and policy void with the 12 Reforms opportunities for evangelism would expand. Inexplicably, Black Americans have been backing local and federal policies as they relate to commerce, families, morals and welfare that have played the dominant role in causing their disadvantage.  Those policies have nothing to do with historic grievances or any on-going racism. Instead they have everything to do with leftist dogmas. The 12 reforms are the way forward for the West generally so how much more are they the answer for the Black American community? 



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