Critical success factors

Critical success factors

Success in re-vitalising western civilisation will only come when:

1.      The liberal creed has largely lost its credibility in societies where free thought and free expression are no longer controlled by the politics and strictures of political correctness under a corporate-liberal plutocracy.

2.      Feminist political sway over social, workplace and institutional norms is broken and the recommended incentives and policies designed to re-establish marrriage, family and replacement level birth rates are instituted.

3.      The economy serves the interests of everyone through the application of classical free enterprise, restored property rights, a fair tax system and credit creation without interest. 

4.      All social institutions (family, commerce, government, education) promote and support the realisation of each individual’s potential, self-reliance, social responsibilities and natural law freedoms. 

5.      Government’s scope and their regulatory regimes are greatly reduced in size and influence.

6.      Resilient local economies are properly supported and freed from unfair foreign competition. 

7.      The people are the final arbiters of decisions affecting their lives through BCIR and a free-access system of people’s courts.

8.      Corporate power is reduced by limiting the scope of incorporation, neo-liberalism and money market volatility, coupled to the introduction of workplace democracy.

9.      The introduction of a total wealth cap to eliminate commercial exploitation and the inevitable gross income and wealth disparities that follow.

10.  The western Church rediscovers its role as the moral (natural law) conscience of nations and champions policies that maximise the achievement of individual responsibility, opportunity and potential.

11.  Other nations embrace positive western values as the best exemplars and path to human freedom and maximised individual potential.