Key reasons for the West's civilisational decline

This summary of the factor's behind the West's decline is developed in detail in the three books available as free downloads on this site:

A liberal-corporate alliance dedicated to centralised socialist government in combination with cartel corporate control of industry; both managed on fascist and feudal lines.

The promotion of popular servitude in state paternalism, heavy regulation and an emphasis on security and safety– at the expense of real freedom and local community self-reliance (the aristocracy of everyone).

The deliberate promotion of moral and social values that undercut western culture, making it vulnerable to an ideological takeover, spurred on by a mindless will to power and the intellectual cowardice within the ruling class.

Blind, group-think adherence, to social and economic policies and entitlements that create social dysfunction, waste large amounts of money and degrade traditional values.

A populace herded into compliance and dumbed-down apathy (the Toynbee Effect); conditioned to leave decision making to an elite and live only as consumers and workers.

Stalled democratic progress under a liberal-corporate elite opposed to real democracy (Swiss – BCIR) and properly representative government. The people are denied their right to have any real power over the decisions affecting their nation and their local communities.

A banking and money market system which concentrates wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few, while condemning individuals and nations to onerous debt and inequality.

Population decline (a demographic winter) and an over-feminised society, fuelled by feminist politics and the intellectual libermania within the political class.

The use of GDP as the prime economic indicator and the unsophisticated feudal character of workplace organisation.

Neo-liberal globalism – robbing the West of its productive and employment base, coupled to an entrenched and growing underclass of citizens and immigrants.

No emphasis on developing individuals as self-reliant and socially responsible actors with the opportunities and tools to maximise their potential (each of us is a cosmic phenomenon).

A fascist climate of subservience maintained by a system of speech and thought control, using the mechanisms of political correctness in universities, the media and public discourse.

A lack of real and effective access to a system of all-encompassing justice. 

The deliberate deconstruction, using education and other mechanisms, of western culture and values by those ‘Cultural Marxist’s’, intent on inaugurating their own Hegelian thesis (see Hegel in Part 2/26).

An institutional Church, unwilling to perform its role as the conscience and guardian of the West’s traditional values and principles.