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3rd Challenge:

The western Church

The Western Church has, over the last 100 years, progressively retreated from its historic role as the definer and protector of the four key western institutions: the individual, the family, government and the moral order.  This has created a vacuum filled by the liberal fascism and corporate feudalism.


The Next Generation Church

If the Church is to recover its historic place as a force to be reckoned with in western society and rebuild itself by fulfilling the great commission it must embrace the 12 reforms as the dynamic platform for its biblically mandated role.  

The ‘western Church’ refers to the Christian  Church without differentiating between denominations, but does exclude, by definition, those churches that have departed from orthodox historical belief in biblical inerrancy on all matters related to doctrine, the deity of Christ and salvation. 

What does the Next Generation Church look like?

The 5 core Christian world view principles


Truth Watch

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